Encon Air Systems manufacture a complete range of roof extractor fans and inlet ventilation units, as well as natural ventilation systems, designed to meet your specific air movement requirements.

The Encon Ventilator product range is manufactured at our Avonmouth facility by our dedicated and qualified group of engineers. We produce an extensive range of highly competitive standard products to suit the majority of extract and inlet applications, we also design and manufacture bespoke extract and/or inlet systems to meet unusual specification requirements.

All of our products are manufactured in accordance with the relevant British, European and ISO standards concerning machinery equipment, with particular reference to the following: 73/23/EEC Directive of low voltage. 89/392/EEC Directive of machinery. 89/336/EEC Directive of electromagnetic compatibility.

As standard all electric drive motors have an enclosure rating of IP55, with an insulation class F and class B temperature rise throughout our product range. We also offer Explosion protected motors i.e. EXD-EXE Zone 1 or Zone 2, with ignition classes from T1 through to T5 are available.


To ensure your Encon ventilation system achieves maximum efficiency and return on your investment we can provide electrical control panels to meet your specific demands.

Good installation is essential to ensure your system is installed in accordance to our high standards, Encon Air Systems ore able to provide full turnkey installation packages for your complete peace of mind.

Encon Air Systems Limited are fully conversant with The Health & Safety At Work act, etc., 1974 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations 1994 ( COSHH ) and all statutory enactment’s and/or modifications. Our systems are designed to comply to all the relevant HSE Guides and in particular EH(G)37, EH40/94, EH55, HS(G)39(REV) and the COSHH regulations.