Upward Discharge Ventilator

Dust, Fume Extraction Upward Discharge Unit (UD)

This unit offers high performance at low cost, and discharges the extracted air vertically thereby avoiding any discolouration of the roof cladding. The extracted air disperses to atmosphere, minimising the possibility of re-entering into the building.

The twin air operated flaps will open automatically as soon as the fan is switched on. The rapid throughput of air is capable of withstanding the heaviest rainfall so that there is no danger of water entry through the unit.

The aerofoil impellor is factory balanced to ensure smooth running and maximum efficiency. Underside safety guards are electro plated for maximum corrosion resistance.

Upward Discharge Ventilators can be installed on roofs with an angle up to 60° from vertical.

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Upward discharge high velocity extract unit (800k)

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