Systems designed to meet your specific air movement requirements

Encon moulded soaker sheets are available to suit any profile of steel or aluminium decking or asbestos cement sheets. We have moulds in stock for most types but if your sheet is something special we would produce a mould for a slight extra cost. Sheets are manufactured in glass reinforced polyester resin to BS476 Part 7. Fire retardant and insulated options fulfil BS and ISO requirements.

Sheets can be manufactured in any colour and will incorporate coloured resin pigments selected from the standard RAL and BS ranges.

Upstands are made to suit the whole range of Encon ventilation equipment, but we will gladly supply Soaker Sheets to match other manufacturer’s products.

Three styles are available, each offering particular benefits.

Type A: This is the top of the range sheet specially designed for projects where looks are all important. The sheets are manufactured from a mould which incorporates your choice of profile with your specific upstand. There are no joins and the walls of the upstand have an extra thickness to allow for bolts.

Type B: The upstand and profile are made separately and then bonded together into a single piece unit. This will do the same job as type A but at a more competitive price.

Type C: In this instance we do not produce any moulds but actually use your own profile metal sheet, the upstand being bonded in exactly the same way as type B.

Encon operate a policy of continuous research and development. The products described in this brochure may be modified from time to time to ensure that we offer our customers the very latest and most efficient product.

Please contact us for advice on the best application of our equipment. Our engineers are available to visit clients anywhere in the United Kingdom.

To ensure reliable operation of our equipment, installations should be carried out by our own fixing teams, or by an approved installer.

Encon Air Systems Limited are fully conversant with The Health & Safety At Work act, etc., 1974 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations 1994 ( COSHH ) and all statutory enactment’s and/or modifications. Our systems are designed to comply to all the relevant HSE Guides and in particular EH(G)37, EH40/94, EH55, HS(G)39(REV) and the COSHH regulations.